As far as faux pas go, I have made my fair share.  Yes, darling, I am preparing to go there today.  Who can blame me?  My iphone battery failed long before take-off so ruminations and complimentary Coke Zero are the only distractions on the Continental airline menu.

It’s all about timing, really. If I was not habitually late for most everything, I wonder if I would have had a more pleasant (and by pleasant I mean uncomplicated, less dramatic and dare I say less tragic) week.  If I was on time or (gasp) 15 minutes early could I have been better prepared?

Doubtful!  In the span of 7 days, I “disturbed” a friend (their words not mine), ruined a cajon dinner, over drew an account, and stained a lavender nylon Prada dress.  Now how does one regroup from such a cluster of inconveniences?  Self medicating with a trip down to Miami started off as a good idea.  But instead of beach combing in my Versace one piece, I was stuck behind a very large Gansevort (hotel) window pane watching a tropical storm bully local palm trees.


Rapidly facing a mean red meltdow, I thought it best to channel Holly Golightly before it was too late.  So in the spirit of Paramount classic cinematography, I changed out of my Juicy Couture bejwelled sweat pants and donned a black satin opera skirt (recently shortened to middle of the thigh), white tube top from H&M with the words (“walk with me”) scribbled on the front, sequined vintage cape (thanks Fisch for the Hip in Chelsea) and Aldo platforms.  Adventure was sure to follow.

And within 10 minutes, I had met 4 new friends who like me were determined to find a LIFT in an art deco shop along Ocean Drive.  What is it about shopping for wants (not needs) that brings people together?  My new friends Luna, Paulie and Evangeline transformed a weekend of tropical storms into a fashion maven’s delight.  After purchasing a $20 pair of crystal encrusted circular sunglasses and a $45 art deco silver cuff bracelet, we headed over to I Heart Hair at 824 Washington Avenue for 50% off (yearly sale) mani/pedis.  No one does glitter crystals and sequins like Miami nail techs.

What’s the moral of the story?

Onward and Upward is the only viable option, darlings!

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