2012 Blonde Ambition

I am greeting the New Year with more than a new attitude.  Indeed, I am armed with a bottle of peroxide, a heat lamp and a Marilyn Monroe box set.  It takes more than a steady hand to transform from Natasha to Glenda the Good.  It takes a change of heart; an upgraded confidence; a joie de vivre and an unabashed laugh out loud Betsey Johnson spirit.  It also takes a wardrobe shift- a literal lightening of the color palette from black ops to snow queen.  It takes a consistant sunny disposition to run after elusive goals in sky high designer pumps perfectly poised for the next adventure.  It takes a diva of a doll to continuously spin straw into gold, pull up and out of each debacle and greet the new day stronger, wiser and more determined than before.

It’s the first day of the New Year.  I’ve wiggled my nose, blinked my eyes and blown a few hundred air kisses.

Let the 2012 Games begin.


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