Merci Beaucoup! Happy Thanksgiving


Lately the sun even wants to play games with me.  She hides while I consistently seek her out.  She is elusive and I am exhausted.  So Dad wearing a lovely navy blue Ralph Lauren cashmere robe has today built 4 fires in 4 places just for me.

Not wanting any hearth to feel completely left out, I have decided to allot 1 hour sunbathing in front of each for the remainder of the holiday week.
Presently I am reclining on an ivory divan 5 feet from a roaring fire in the Living Room.  I am wearing a shocking pink Chanel bikini and Nancy Li mongolian lamb boots.   December (fashion magazine) issues, highlighters (pink and green), Apple products (MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad), Post-Its, and 2 crystal encrusted pens (BCBG Holiday 2010) surround me.
The Diana Ross Pandora station is playing Upside Down and my favorite scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is scrolling across my iPad.  Remember when Holly Golightly is getting dressed for a visit to Singh Singh prison?  The ensemble selected (wide brimmed hat, alligator pumps and Givenchy black dress) speaks volumes.  You should dress for who you want to be, where you want to go, what you want to do.
I want to be happy, clever, glamorous, creative, beguiling, strong and generous.  So I wear Betsey Johnson, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Byron Lars, Victoria Beckham, Chanel and anything belonging to my mom whenever possible.
I want to demonstrate my gratitude for God’s blessings by doing things for others even before they ask.  This capacity to give even when your cup does not run over is remarkable.  The well spring comes not from within but from above.  Because God never fails to provide me with what I need, I can give of my time, my resources, my creativity.  I never worry about reciprocity from others.  God always takes care of me.
Today I give thanks because despite a year full of highs and lows I can still spin straw into gold, give without regret and find fashion anywhere.

Happy Thanksgiving, darlings! 

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