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I’ve been literally wearing Ardell strip lashes ever since I began riding the 34 bus from Potomac Avenue to Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School for Girls. So, when I heard about a lash technique that would enable me to wake up every day wide eyed and lash ready, I was over the moon.  To my utter delight, Helena, famed esthetician and lash stylist recently set up shop at Urban Escape located at 1781 Florida Avenue, NW. Although Helena specializes in cultivating a natural look she happily accommodates my occasional need to look like Diana Ross during her stint with the Supremes. In order to provide more va-va-voom with no Lamb Chop puppet effect, Helena has perfected a technique that builds glamour by layering one lash at a time. This systematic approach punctuated by frequent mirror checks ensures that her clients can easily regulate their lash volume.  Et Voila!


Even if you never become Princess of Monaco, you can for about $160 smell like one.  Or, at least that was my reasoning for purchasing Gin Fizz, a perfume formulated by Lubin and sold at Good Wood located at 1428 U Street, NW. The Lubin French Perfume House was founded in 1798 by Pierre Francois Lubin who became quite famous for creating perfumes for the Imperial Court.  In 1955, Lubin perfumer Henri Giboulet continued the tradition and created Gin Fizz as a tribute to Princess Grace Kelly, a charming American actress best known for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock movies including, “Rear Window,” “To Catch a Thief” and “Dial M for Murder.” Named after the cocktail in fashion during the 1950‘s, Gin Fizz combines Sicilian lemon, juniper berries, irises from Florence, Turkish jasmine and vetiver grass.  To the chagrin of the 4 other perfumes languishing atop my dresser, Gin Fizz has become my new favorite applied generously thrice a day to captivate the imaginations of everyone in my vicinity.


With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, I along with everyone else in DC have been looking for clever ways to remain cool. Ice works in a pinch. However Mexican ice pops on a stick (called paletas) work even better. In keeping with the tradition of the paletas, Pleasant Pops likewise uses fresh fruit plucked from nearby farms to create their fruit popsicles. I prefer the non dairy alternatives, Peach Hibiscus and Sweet Iced Tea. But, the dairy options like cookies and cream and blueberry pancake are equally delicious.  Because Pleasant Pops are all natural and never modified to melt slow, you have to work fast to avoid any damage to your couture. I have perfected the following technique: lean (gracefully), slurp (politely) and blot (routinely).  Pleasant Pops is located at 1781 Florida Avenue, NW.  In addition to selling ice lollies, Pleasant Pops also sells sustainable sandwiches, salads and coffee.



If I was Bill Cunningham (New York Times street photographer) and I was looking for the newest trends for men, I would set up my tripod in the middle of the C’MON showroom floor. C’MON (Common) like Hip Hop and like Punk before it thrives on “disparate fashion united by customization.” This summer to my utter delight, C’MON chose to highlight a bespoke line of hand (tie) dyed t-shirts and Vans sneakers customized by C’MON staff. The pastel versions in soft pink, seafoam green and sky blue are remarkable for their lack of bleed in the design and for their uniqueness. No two sneakers or shirts are alike.  C’MON and the hip hop enthusiasts that shop there provide more proof that Art is Fashion and DC fashion never disappoints.


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